HOW WE STARTED: The following two pictures show the organization’s site in Kennewick and the interior condition before starting demolition work in Feb/Mar 2016

The following two pictures show the scope of trackage for Pasco (shown at left) and Kennewick (shown at right). The square tubular steel benchwork framing is also visible. (Sep 2018)

The following two pictures show portions of the Pasco engine service area (Feb/Mar 2019)

The following sketch shows the future Columbia River bridge between Pasco and Kennewick

The following two pictures show the grain complex along the future Columbia River scene in Kennewick area and the future “A” Street housing area in Pasco. (May 2020)

The following four pictures show the completed East helix, the Yakima area on Level C, the AmeriGas and FerrelGas industries and passenger station to be sited in Kennewick on Level B (Apr 2021)

The Columbia River Bridge is on display and the Concession Stand is showing off nice lighted details. The Pasco Control Panel supports both toggle and route switching control via Arduino and high power relays.  The operating session on December 12 was a great success. (Dec 2021)

Photos from an operating session held in November 2023.