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The pictures at right show past layout scenes

Website updated:    May 28, 2021


The Tri-City Model Railroaders (TCMR) welcome you to their website and hope that its resources and information will be useful in your pursuit of this amazing hobby of model railroading. TCMR members are part of the Pacific Northwest Region’s 5th Division of the National Model Railroad Association.


***PLEASE NOTE: Our facility (11 West Kennewick Avenue in the City of Kennewick) is now open to visitors on each Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Continued health requirements will remain in effect including use of face masks and social distancing. The number of visitors within the site at any one time will also be limited. Visitors with COVID vaccinations will NOT be exempt from these requirements. To view train operations during a recent Saturday session, click here.

The organization’s modular layout, in use at various times since 1990 and seen at many venues, has been abandoned. We hope our viewers and supporters will retain fond memories of the layout’s operations. If you would like to see a brief video about the layout, just click here.

See the “Progress” section for the photos of the latest layout now under construction and as discussed below. Access to the layout’s design drawings are also provided below.

The building front picture (above) shows the recently upgraded facade.


When our organization’s permanent site is open to the public, a small retail operation is available, and our new layout can be seen. Items for sale include books, various structures, rolling stock pieces, detail parts, kits, T-shirts, mugs and other related (model) railroad items. All sales are on a final, cash-only basis. Also, please remember that we are a small organization and dependent on volunteer members being available for the above schedule.

Layout development is continuing. Track work is complete for both Pasco and Kennewick areas on Level B as well as for the Wallula and staging areas on Level A. Continuous train operations can now occur on both Levels A and B in conjunction with helix tracks.

Trackwork is complete to Levels C and D within both helices and track roadbed has been laid for the Toppenish and Yakima areas as well as for Union Gap and surrounding branchline service area staging. Roadbed is also being laid for the Level D thru the Cascade Mountain area including Stampede Tunnel. Once the Level D trackwork is complete, major scenery development is expected to begin.

The special modeled bridge structure for our future Columbia River scene has been completed and delivered by renown model builder, Wayne Wesolowski. The bridge will be on display at a future date.

Our design plan for this HO-scale layout reflects a hybrid “mushroom” configuration to maximize the size of the exhibit. To view the four levels of the layout design, click on the appropriate links below. The “Elevation View” file provides a composite depiction of all levels.

Elevation View

Level A (Wallula and staging for Hinkle & SPS-Spokane)

Level B (Pasco, Kennewick, City Lead, Finley/Wishram and NP-Spokane staging)

Level C (Toppenish and Yakima)

Level D (Cascade Mountains and Auburn Staging)

Helix Design

Our work on the new layout continues to be dependent on increased funding. CAN YOU HELP US? See the “Donations” discussion below for more information.


TCMR is a qualified educational organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Cash and material donations may be tax deductible. Donors are encouraged to consult with their tax advisor before making specific donations. Non-cash donations should also be discussed with the organization before being made. Inquiries about possible donations can be made at TCMR’s email address (see next section).

TCMR is also a participant in Fred Meyer’s Community Rewards program. This program allows shoppers to designate a preferred non-profit corporation to receive a portion of funds donated each year by the Fred Meyer Corporation. Donations are based on your Rewards Card purchases (with certain exclusions). Your own Rewards Card benefits remain unaffected and by designating our organization, you can help us build funding towards a permanent layout and educational exhibits. Click here for more information on this valued program ... and thank you for considering TCMR.


After reviewing this website, you can also request additional information or ask to speak with a TCMR official. Such requests can be easily made by email to: